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Transfer money over the world with NEEX

The new standard of international payments

International money transfer is no longer facing as many difficulties as before when there are tons of ways to transfer money in the current 4.0 world. However, it is extremely difficult for many people who need to transfer money abroad to choose a reputable, safe and fast service provider with a cheap price.

NEEX Free International Money Transfer is one of the platforms most chosen by customers because of its fast process and extremely low and attractive transaction fees.

With a large amount of money transferred abroad, the NEEX remittance platform is a legal, safe solution, completely eliminating legal risks in most of countries.

  • Lowest transaction fee in the market.
  • 24/7 advice and support
  • Absolute safety
  • All transactions are made directly through the extremely secure Blockchain technology platform
  • Simple procedures
  • Saving time. Transfer and receive money in just a few hours


Transfer money with simple procedures

Instead of going to traditional banks with lots of complicated procedures, paperwork and waiting for many hours, the NEEX remittance platform will help you get rid of those messy processes by simple procedure and more flexible with a team of enthusiastic consultants in support. In addition, the cost of international money transfers is much lower than other remittance platforms.

The NEEX money transfer platform works 24/7 and operates with the advanced Blockchain technology, so it is possible to transfer your money to most countries and regions around the world.

Transfer money quickly

Customer will be got completely free consultation to be able to perform the fastest overseas remittance procedures to any country around the world.

With NEEX platform, you can transfer money internationally without having to worry about transfer time and cost to:

  • Pay the costs of studying, studying abroad, and treating illnesses for themselves and their loved ones;
  • Payment for purchases, transfer payments;
  • Going on business trips, traveling or visiting overseas;
  • Pay foreign fees;
  • Relative benefits abroad;
  • Immigration abroad.

The NEEX platform will be one of money transfer forms that will help you save both time and money, reduce the worries because of receiving money slowly, high transaction fees, and taking time to go to traditional banks and wait for many hours. Due to the platform operates on Blockchain technology, the money transfer process is extremely secure and safe. Therefore, you can throw away the burden of transferring money around the world with the NEEX platform.