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How to make BTC, ETH, USDEX, VND vallets

How to create and use BTC, ETH, USDEX wallets

To get your coin’s wallet address, take the following steps (Let’s take BTC wallet as an example; ETH, USDex wallets are the same).

Step 1: Choose “Wallet” on the menu “Dashboard”

Step 2: Choose “Deposit”  in Bitcoin you’ll see your BTC wallet address is shown.

**When you want to sell BTC or to deposit BTC into NEEX, you can use this wallet address.

How to deposit into VND 

To use VND wallet, you need an account with Vietcombank with a registration for Internet Banking service.

To be able to buy BTC, ETH, USDEX you need to deposit into your VND wallet. Please take the following steps:

Step 1: Choose “Wallet” in the menu “Dashboard”.

Step 2: Choose Deposit” in Vietnamese Dong

- In space numbered (1) choose your bank, e.g.: Vietcombank

- In space numbered (2) enter the amount you want to deposit and choose Deposit.

Neex will provide you with the following information:

+ The amount of deposit

+ The transaction type

+ Account name: this name is displayed using the configuration in admin

+ Account number: this number is displayed using the configuration in admin

+ Bank name: this name is displayed using the configuration in admin

After the transaction is successful, Vietcombank will send a receipt via your Email, take a picture of this Email to be your “Proof of payment”.

Step 3:
 Click the cloud image to upload images of your proof of payment, click “Save images” to save them.


In the section of VND deposit history, you’ll see that NEEX has registered your deposit transaction and the status isProcessing’.

When the status changes to “Completed”, NEEX has completed the process and the VND amount is added into your VND wallet balance.

When you check your VND wallet balance on the top of your screen, you’ll see the new balance of your VND wallet.