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How to set up 2 factor - authentication security

Step 1: Install “Google authenticator” or “Authy“ in your phone, you just need one of them.

Step 2: Click “Setting” in the menu, then choose “On”.

Step 3: An information board will be shown, you need to save theAuthy authentication key”Please note that this code is provided ONLY ONE TIME. Thus, kindly save and keep it in the place is available for you in upcoming transactions or other actions such as withdraw or post ads,...

Besides, you should take one screenshot of QR code in case you forget Authy authentication key”.

Step 4: Access the Google authenticator in your phone, choose +, then scroll down to choose “Scan barcode”  and use the camera of your phone to scan the 2FA code shown on the screen. You’ll see a 2FA verification code with 6 digits from NEEX on the screen (this code will be changed every 30 seconds). Next, enter these 6 digits in “Authy authentication code” and choose. Your activation is completed.

On your screen, you’ll see the following. It means your 2FA activation is successful.

If you want to turn it off, choose “OFF”  and enter the 2FA code in “Authy authentication code then choose "Disable Google Authentication".