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Referral program

1. How to get referral link

  v Referrer

Step 1: Sign in to your account as instructed here. Then go to "P2P Exchange" and click on "Login to get a referral link"

Step 2: Click on "Copy" to get your referral link. Please send the link to a person who you will refer to create an account and exchange on NEEX to receive commission.

  v Referee

Step 1: Paste the link referrer sent you on browser

Step 2: Enter your email on “Login/ Register” box and then click on “Continue” as instructed here

After the referee has completed the account registration and finished the first transaction by using the referrer's link, the referrer will receive the amount of commission depending on the referrer's transaction.


2. Commission

When the referee's transaction is completed, the referrer will receive a commission equivalent to 40% of the transaction fee. This commission will be received directly into the referrer's account, managed, and used immediately.


For example:

A refers B to register and trade on NEEX exchange. Then B received 0.2 USDex.

Currently, NEEX exchange is applying a transaction fee of 1%, so A will receive 40% commission on the transaction fee, equivalent to (0.2*1%) * 40%, means A commission is entitled to 0.0008 USDex.

The referrer will get a commission if the referee buys coin from "Buy Now" or a list of selling advertising available on NEEX exchange. Besides, the referee must click on the last link and completes the registration within 24 hours.

To determine who a new user's referrer depends on the referral link.

If the referee clicks on many different referral links, the accepted link is only the last one he clicked before creating an account.

The system will not give commission for duplicated accounts

NEEX exchange makes the final decision on removing or giving commissions under specific circumstances and the right to modify the referral program at any time.