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How to verify your account with KYC

Step 1: Click the small vertical arrow near your account name on the menu bar. Then select the section "Verify account"

Step 2: Click on the button " Verify", then the following screen will be displayed

Photo 1: Upload the photo with the front of your ID card/ passport

Photo 2: Upload the photo with the back of your ID card/ passport

Photo 3: Upload your selfie photo which you are holding your ID card/ passport close to your face (as example)

Photo 4: Find one paper, then write "NEEX.INFO", your email and the KYC day on it. After that, take a photo with the front of your ID card/ passport and upload it. 

Step 3: After upload all required photos, fill up your name and number of your ID card/ passport, then click "UPLOAD". 

When the status changes from "Processing verification" to "Verified", your account verification has been successful.