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How to withdraw BTC, ETH, USDEX

Step 1: Choose “Wallet” in the “Dashboard” menu

Step 2: Choose “Withdraw” and enter the following information:

+ Coin amount: the amount of BTC that you want to withdraw, check the Fee (0.005 BTC will be deducted as the fee for the transaction)

+ Wallet address: please choose Other address. When you choose other address, a new space will be shown for you to enter the wallet address.

+ Wallet address: enter the BTC wallet address that you want to withdraw to

+ Description: enter the description for this transaction

+ Authy authencation code: enter the code you saved in 2FA security step

Step 3: When you’re done, choose ‘Withdraw’. In “Bitcoin withdraw history” you’ll see that NEEX is processing your withdrawal, the status is “Processing

When the status changes to “Complete” NEEX will send the amount of BTC to the designated wallet address.